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Weddings are such a special, exciting and marvelous time.

Our desire is to keep things plain and simple for you so that you will be returning customers once the wedding is over and you begin to form your family circle.  We will begin by saying that our fees are extremely reasonable so that anyone can afford to hire us.  We start at $150 an hour.  If you book for only one hour there is a $25 service fee.   If your location is 20 miles or more for us to travel there is a $25 traveling fee added to the total cost of the wedding package.  To begin, we take great pride in our work and wish for our time spent with you, your family & friends to be a wonderful and memorable experience.  In order to help make the most of our time together, you may consider assigning someone to be in charge of helping to gather folks together for photos & details to ensure a sucessful event.  If you discover that you need us to stay for a longer period of time once we are at your event, it is fine as long as we have the availability.   (You may  pay in 30 minute increments or at the hourly rate which  ever  works out best for you.)   Once the wedding is complete we will begin the editing process,  we can usually have them done in a couple of weeks but may take up to 4 weeks.  We will then give you a nicely designed master copy on cd or dvd depending on the individual shoot or you may provide me with a memory stick too.  We will edit the first 25 photos free of charge.  If you want any special editing over that amount the cost is $5 per photo edit.  If you need additional hard copies on disc the cost is $25 per disc.   If you would like to purchase  picture packages we can arrange this for a competitive price.  We can also create special flyers, brochures, thank you cards ect. for an additional fee.  If you are interested in this service, please feel free to call us to discuss these options in more detail.  As far as the payment - 1/2 the fee is due at the time of booking your event and the balance is due 1 wk. before the wedding.  If you choose to cancel prior to the wedding date a credit will be issued for  future events.  I look forward to hearing more about your wedding event soon.

 We are happy to include a mini engagement photo session for $75.

All in all, we pour our heart and soul into each event and always strive to please our customers.  We wish to develop a life long relationship so that you will think of us for future events and referrals. 

Please feel free to contact us for further questions anytime.

Thank you for visiting our site,  We hope to meet up with you soon!

God Bless!


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