Throughout my life I have learned to

  developed a passion for people.  

  After asking God for His divine wisdom He

 has given me a visiion,  through the power of  loving &

  being loved,  forgiving & being forgiven which allows me to possess an intimate relationship with  Jesus, my  friend, my Savior.   He has taught me many things over the years all of which have helped mold me into 

  who I am today.   Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I am encouraged to help others by offering hope and  vision which begins with renewing of the mind daily.  Asking, believing and receiving the things of God which leads to thinking, believing and acting differently than before.  The secrets are hidden in the scriptures through the promises of God's Word.  I know first hand what the power of prayer, studying God's Word, hearing God's Word and meditating on who I am in Jesus Christ according to His Word can do.  It provides an inner strength, great comfort & confidence.  My passion is in teaching, writing, taking photgraphs and sharing the Gospel.  I have the courage to stand up for what I believe in, having acquired patience to endure what I must, peace in my heart concerning all things and  perseverance  to help me overcome all of lifes challenges.  Most importantly, God gave me the spirit of faithfulness to believe  anything is possible even when my circumstances  seem impossible.  Only by believing, am I able to do what I do best.  We each have  the  ability to possess special gifts.  It is up to us to find out what those  gifts are and use  them as we are called.     Living life to the fullest  glorifying God  in all we think, say and do.  May God Bless you to the fullest measure!


Living for God's Kingdom!  

 Romans 12:2  †††

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$50 for a 15min. session , $75 for 30 min. ,

$150 for 1 hr.

Kem Arfaras 352-250-7777

Satisfaction Guarunteed!

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